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Septic Tank Services in Wilkes Barre, PA | ABS Septic & Dumpster

“Providing you with the best septic tank services at affordable prices- call us today!”

Nothing beats having the peace of mind when it comes to your septic tank. ABS Septic and Dumpster is your friendly neighborhood septic company. We offer a full range of septic tank services for all your septic needs.


We are a family-owned company operating since 2011. We have the necessary experience to complete any septic jobs. We are the most trusted septic company in Wilkes Barre, PA, due to our fast and reliable service.

We are a Reliable Septic Service Provider

We know that septic failures can happen anytime. That’s why we offer emergency services outside of our regular operating hours. We guarantee to come to your home anytime you need septic service.

· Septic Pumping
Our septic pumping service will help keep your drain field and septic tank in proper working condition. It is in your best interest to have any septic problem checked by one of our professionals.

· Septic Tank Repairs
If your septic system is getting old and worn down, a septic repair may be needed. When you are not sure what’s wrong, but you know that something isn’t right, call us right away. We will send a septic professional to your home to diagnose and fix the problem.

· Septic Tank Services
ABS Septic and Dumpster offers high-quality septic tank services. There is no septic job that is too small or too big for us. We can handle all septic-related tasks!

· Septic Tank Cleaning
In support of septic pumping, we offer septic tank cleaning. This service will ensure that all dirt and sludge are removed from your system entirely.

· Septic Tank Inspection
Our septic tank inspection will help you protect the value of your investment. We will ensure that the septic system is functioning correctly.

· Septic Tank Installation
Before you start digging a hole in your backyard for your new septic tank, call us. We will help you with your septic tank installation project. We will ensure that it is done the first time correctly.

· Septic Pump Replacement
While septic systems can be relatively simple in their design, some components are hard to repair. When your septic pump needs replacement, give us a call immediately. We have the knowledge and skill to know precisely how to replace them.

· Septic Tank Alarm Installation
Septic alarms are needed to monitor the levels of your septic tank. We have the best septic installers in the area.

· Septic Tank Locating
We can locate your tank professionally using the latest technology. Call us when you need a septic tank locating service.

· Drain Field Repair
Your drain field plays a vital role in your septic system. When you think something is wrong with it, give us a call immediately. We will send a septic technician to diagnose and repair the problem.

· Grease Trap Cleaning
We have been providing grease trap cleaning services for many years now. You can count on us for a reliable grease trap cleaning for your commercial kitchen.

· Sewer Line Clearing
A clogged sewer line is not a good indication of a well-maintained septic system. Call us for a professional sewer line clearing.

How Do You Maintain a Septic Tank?

When your home relies on a septic tank, you must maintain it properly. Here are some quick set of tips when managing septic pump maintenance.

1. Prevention is always essential.
You need to follow the guidelines of what to flush and rinse down the drain. You also need to be careful not to waste some water and conserve during hurricane season.

2. Not all items can be flushed down the toilet.
When you are not sure if you can flush it, you probably shouldn’t. In general, the only things that should be flushed down are human waste and toilet paper. Everything else should be disposed of properly.

3. Be careful what you rinse down your sink.
Some things will not degrade properly, like oil and grease. If you want to dispose of cooking oil, make sure that it cools down and hardens first. Then throw it in the trash bin instead.

Professional Septic Service Company in Wilkes Barre, PA

When you need help with any septic service, you can trust our septic experts. We are dedicated to providing you with high-quality and affordable septic services.

When you need septic services in the Wilkes Barre, PA area, give ABS Septic and Dumpster a call. You can reach us at (570) 955-6698. You may also fill-up the form on our website for all your inquiries.





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