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 What Are the Signs of Septic Failure?

Below are some of the signs that you need to look out for that might signal your septic system is in trouble and needs Septic Tank Services.

Pooling water in your backyard

You don’t have to panic since it can also be due to a broken pipe in the system. However, if after confirming all the pipes are working correctly, your drain field can be the problem.

Unhealthy grass or landscaping

Keep in mind that over a long time with overburdened usage, your septic tank can become so saturated. Thus, it will give your septic system no room to unload. At this point, you need professional septic repair services to restore the system’s functionality.

Slow running drains

The normal flow of your wastewater moves into the septic tank, where the solid wastes settle to the bottom. The sludge rises to the top, and the middle section contains the liquid part. If this process backs up, your household drains won’t operate the way they should. Wastewater has nowhere to go. The only solution to this is through a septic tank pumping.

Sewage backup in your property

If your septic tank becomes too full, it can cause water and sewage to back up. It blocks the flow of water and the pathway for waste away from your property. Sewage backup needs professional assistance to diagnose the problem correctly.


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