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When your household relies on a septic system, your sewer lines are essential. So, you need to make sure that it is working correctly at all times. Because if not, any kind of backup can be frustrating to deal with.

We are a family-owned company and treat all our customers like one. We keep our communications line open for any emergency septic service you need. We are proud to serve Pike County, Pennsylvania, and neighboring areas.

Clogs are significant problems in a household because they cause some issues within the septic system. For example, when your sewer lines are clogged, it can cause the wastewater to back up into your home.

Furthermore, when your sewer line is clogged, it can create pressure to create a crack or leak. It could cost you a lot of money in return. When your sewer line leaks, you can spend a lot of money paying for utility bills and the repairs to get it fixed.

Below are some severe signs of a sewer line clog.

  •       Multiple plumbing fixtures backed up
  •       Water overflowing
  •       Drainage in sewer cleanout

ABS Septic and Dumpster offers sewer line clearing services to keep your septic system running properly. Along with our sewer line clearing, we also provide the following services:

A lot of factors contribute to sewer line clogs. Kitchen drains can become clogged due to the grease from pans and soapy detergents buildup within the pipes.

When you notice your sinks, drains, and showers are taking too long to drain, your sewer lines are probably clogged. It might be time to have your sewer lines examined by a professional.

Your sewer line can be clogged due to several factors. The mainline is the primary connection between the exits of your septic system. A lot of homeowners are unaware of the functions of a sewer line until a clog causes damage.

ABS Septic and Dumpster is always ready to clear obstructions and make repairs when necessary. We have the best equipment and experienced technicians in the area. We guarantee to get your sewer lines running correctly in no time.

The Importance of Clear Sewer Lines

Your sewer lines need to run efficiently. The best way to keep it going is typically through sewer line clearing. When your sewer lines are clogged by grease, roots, soap buildup, and more, you need to get it fixed quickly.

Your home is a significant investment. ABS Septic and Dumpster understand this fact. We offer top-notch sewer line clearing so you can move forward without concern for a clog.

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When clogs become challenging to handle, there are options to get them fixed. Scheduling a regular sewer line clearing from us can keep things in optimal working conditions in your home.

Call us now at (570) 955-6698 when you need help with high-quality sewer clearing services. Whatever septic problem you have, we have the skills and experience to help you.

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