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Over time, solid waste can accumulate in your septic tank. This sludge needs to be pumped out immediately. If you need a professional septic service provider, ABS Septic and Dumpster can help. We have been operating since 2011, providing unparalleled septic services.

  • Septic Tank Pumping
  • Emergency Septic Services
  • Septic Tank Repairs
  • Septic Tank Cleaning
  • Septic Tank Inspection
  • Septic Tank Installation
  • Septic Pump Replacement
  • Septic Tank Alarm Installation
  • Septic Tank Locating
  • Drain Field Repair
  • Grease Trap Cleaning
  • Sewer Line Clearing

We take pride in serving Milford, PA, and nearby communities. Our family-owned business is founded on honesty and professionalism. When you choose us for your septic service, you can only expect the best.

The Services of ABS Septic and Dumpster

· Septic Tank Pumping
Removing waste is a critical step in the proper septic system care. We provide septic tank pumping to extend the life of your septic tank. We ensure that your system functions correctly for the years to come.

· Septic Tank Repairs
We offer full-service repairs throughout Milford, PA, and surrounding areas. From minor to major repairs, we can handle them all!

· Septic Tank Services
We offer a comprehensive range of septic services for all your needs. We also provide emergency services for any unforeseen septic failures. Let our experts handle your septic concerns.

· Septic Tank Cleaning
We offer septic tank cleaning service to maximize septic pumping. This service will ensure a thoroughly clean tank from top to bottom.

· Septic Tank Inspection
We offer septic tank inspections at competitive prices. Our experts will find evidence that the on-site wastewater disposal and treatment system is working correctly.

· Septic Tank Installation
We specialize in septic tank installation projects! We can guide you through the entire process of installation. When you choose us, you can be confident that all guidelines are followed.

· Septic Pump Replacement
A septic pump is located in your septic tank. It moves the wastewater to the drain field. A broken septic pump can become an expensive problem. Call us for a septic pump replacement service.

· Septic Tank Alarm Installation
Our team will work with you to provide the best septic alarm installation. We will make sure that your septic tank system is in good working condition all the time.

· Septic Tank Locating
Generally, septic tanks are only about 20 feet from home. However, it doesn’t mean that they are easy to find. When you are not sure about the location of your tank, call us right away. We have the right resources to help you.

· Drain Field Repair
By the time you see the septic problem, your drain field might already need a replacement. ABS Septic and Dumpster is an expert in drain field repairs.

· Grease Trap Cleaning
Our comprehensive grease trap clean can thoroughly clean your grease traps. Your grease traps need regular maintenance to maximize their performance.

· Sewer Line Clearing
Clogs are never a pleasant experience. Call us for a sewer line clearing service. We will remove all the clogs and get your septic pipes working again.

How to Find the Best Septic Tank Company

There are a lot of septic tank companies in Pennsylvania. Choosing one can be a daunting task. How do you find the best septic tank company?

Here are some questions you can use to tell which is which:

1. Do you have a license to work on septic systems?
Septic companies need to have the proper license to work on septic systems. This is due to the nature of septic jobs. Without a license, you should not let any septic company work on your septic system.

2. How long have you been serving the area?
Not all areas are the same. Soil comparison plays a significant role in how things are filtered out. Knowing their length of experience can speak to the kind of service they provide.

3. Who will be doing the actual work?
Some septic tank companies outsource their work. It can be a bit frustrating on your part if they do this without your knowledge.
ABS Septic and Dumpster is a fully-licensed septic company in Milford, PA. All our technicians are certified to handle septic jobs. We do the work ourselves because we have the right experience and tools.

Septic Tank Services You Can Trust in Milford, PA

Since 2011, we have made it our goal to provide the best septic services. We treat our clients like family by offering the most effective solution to their septic tank problems. We can help you with all septic repairs or installation.

If you have any inquiries, feel free to call us at (570) 955-6698. We look forward to serving your septic tank system! Give us a call today!



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