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Septic Tank Pumping Professionals in Greeley, PA

Septic Tank Services in Greeley, PA | ABS Septic & Dumpster

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Routine maintenance is essential to keep your septic system working correctly. Being proactive with your septic system allows you to stay ahead of any minor repairs before becoming major ones.

ABS Septic and Dumpster can recommend a maintenance schedule based on the condition of your septic system. We also offer emergency septic services to address all your needs.

Providing Effective and Reliable Septic Services

We are proud to offer the following septic services in Greeley, PA.


ABS Septic and Dumpster is a family-owned company. Our team provides fast and reliable septic services.

Our Range of Septic Services

We take pride in offering the following range of septic services.

  • Septic Tank Pumping

Our septic professionals provide high-quality, septic tank pumping. We can also create a schedule moving forward, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting your septic tank pumping.

  • Septic Tank Repairs

The best thing you can do for your septic system is to maintain it regularly. ABS Septic and Dumpster offers septic tank repairs at competitive rates. We make sure that your septic system is being cared for properly.

  • Septic Tank Services

When you’re living in a house, chances are you have a septic tank installed in your backyard. ABS Septic and Dumpster can ensure that your system stays in pristine condition. Our preventive maintenance services are affordable. We prioritize doing each septic job quickly and correctly.

  • Septic Tank Cleaning

Our septic technicians will thoroughly rinse your tank using pressurized water. This process will break down and remove any solid waste that’s leftover after pumping. It will prevent the problems that occur due to clogs, like the pooling of unsanitary water, slow drainage, and foul odors.

  • Septic Tank Inspection

Our inspection services can help you save money and avoid the hassles of a backed-up tank. We are ready to provide you with a thorough septic tank inspection.

  • Septic Tank Alarm Installation

ABS Septic and Dumpster offers septic alarm installation service. We take care of your septic alarm so you can feel confident that your septic system is working its best.  

  • Septic Pump Replacement

Our team can extend the life of your septic tank by cleaning and freeing it of any bacteria. However, your septic pump may sometimes fail and can no longer function as intended. When your septic pump can no longer be cleaned or saved, we are here to help!

  • Septic Tank Installation

ABS Septic and Dumpster is a full-service provider of all septic tank needs. If you are looking for a new septic system installation, we can provide you with complete service. You can put your trust in us because we use the latest technologies for a fast solution that will last for many years.

  • Septic Tank Locating

ABS Septic and Dumpster will come into your home and locate the main sewer plumbing line that goes out from your home. We will identify the main line that leads to your tank.

  • Drain Field Repair

ABS Septic and Dumpster can repair and restore your drain field. Our team is well equipped to handle the entire life of your drain field.  

  • Grease Trap Cleaning

As one of the leading septic companies in Greeley, PA, we are ready to lend a hand. We understand that grease trap cleaning is one of the essential parts of managing a commercial kitchen.

  • Sewer Line Clearing

ABS Septic and Dumpster is always ready to clear obstructions and make repairs when necessary. We have the best equipment and experienced technicians in the area. We guarantee to get your sewer lines running correctly in no time.

What are Some of the Common Septic System Problems?

ABS Septic and Dumpster is a full-service provider of septic tank needs. We guarantee to provide immediate solutions to all your septic tank issues.

Here are some of the common septic system problems that you may encounter. Call us right away when you notice one of these problems.

· Slow draining plumbing fixtures
· Lingering septic odors in or around the house
· Total sewage backup
· The liquid in the septic tank is higher than the inlet pipe
· Liquid surfacing or soft spots in the area over the drain field
· Roots in the septic tank
· Septic tank overflowing

With our experience, we sometimes only need to take a look at your entire system to figure out the problem. Our team can diagnose and offer you’re the solutions you need for any septic problem you are facing!

Septic Tank Pumping Service You Can Trust

We pump septic tanks in Greeley, PA, and surrounding communities. We determine the frequency of septic pumping based on the size of the tank and the number of people in the house.

Call us today, and we can set an appointment to service your tank. We would love to answer any questions you might have, as well. Give us a call now at (570) 955-6698 and start taking care of your septic tank system!





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