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Your septic system is made up of different pipes. First are the pipes in charge of transporting wastewater. Then, you have your septic tank that holds the waste; and lastly, the drain field, which removes contaminants from the water.

The drain field is also known as the leach field. It is an essential part of any household that relies on a septic tank system. When it comes to septic repair, the majority of the problems are due to the drain field, not the septic tank.

ABS Septic and Dumpster is an expert when it comes to drain field services. Whether you need someone to troubleshoot or fix a drain field problem, we are here.

When your drain field fails, it can become a big concern. Sludge and other waste can grow so thick. Over time, there’s little space left for wastewater to stand while the components separate.

Furthermore, a full septic tank allows the grease and solids to get into the drain and overload it. Thus, it can result in foul-smelling water rising to the surface. It can also create sewage backups in plumbing fixtures. By the time you see the problem, your drain field might already need a replacement.

We suggest keeping your septic tank healthy to avoid drain field failure. Here are some basic upkeep guidelines you can use.

  • Efficient Water Use

Make sure that your home is leak-free to prevent wasting water. The efficient use of water will improve the overall health of your septic system. It will also decrease the risk of failure.

  • Proper Waste Disposal

Be very mindful of what you pour down the sink or flush down the toilet. The things that end up in your drains can affect the performance of your septic system. 

  • Drain Field Maintenance

The drain field is one of the vital components of your tank. That’s why you need to take good care of it. Avoid parking on it, and keep the area clear from trees. furthermore, keep the rainwater drainage system away from the field. 

  • Regular Inspection and Pumping

Your septic system should be pumped regularly every three years or so. Some septic systems should be inspected more often, depending on different factors.

Most septic tank issues and failures are more often due to a drain field problem. Here are some of the things that you need to look out in your drain field. When these factors are present, it could mean that your drain field is no longer able to absorb wastewater properly.

1. Septic or Sewer Odor
2. Slow Draining Sinks
3. Slow Draining Showers and Bathtubs
4. Slow Draining Toilets
5. Gurgling Pipes
6. Sewage Backups
7. Sewage Ponding

ABS Septic and Dumpster can repair and restore your drain field. Our team is well equipped to handle the entire life of your drain field.

When your drain field fails you, we have the expertise and resources to repair it properly. Our team can perform all drain field repairs to code. We make sure to keep the costs low while maximizing the life of your septic system.

Our drain field repair services may involve the following:

  • Additional drain lines installation
  • Replacement of existing drain lines
  • Re-piping of drain lines
  • Correcting root intrusion issues

When you want to replace or upgrade your drain field system, we can help you as well. Our septic experts will work with you and your local environmental health department. We guarantee to provide the best solution for your home’s septic tank system.


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